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Topic: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++WELCOME TO THE FORUM (Please read before posting)++++++++++++++++++++++++

dr-robert started this discussion 8.1 years ago #9

Hello, and Welcome To The Dr. Robert Forum--

The intention here is to provide a space for asking and replying to questions about life in general, psychology and psychotherapy, human potential, relationships, spiritual unfoldment, etc.

The Forum began a few years ago, and quickly developed into a center for sensitive and intelligent conversation--a place to ask for help and to offer it. Unfortunately, the original location of the Forum became a target for spamming , and I was compelled to lock it against further posts. The first year's worth of questions and answers still exists in the old location which can be accessed here. I have put links to some of the most interesting old threads on my home page.

Please feel free to post a question on any topic whatever, but respect this forum by avoiding spamming, flaming, or other hurtful behavior. It is OK to argue, but be civil and respectful while you do it. Although I understand that polemics and debate sometimes can serve as a way of deepening understanding of issues, this is not a space for people who enjoy that kind of thing as a sport or competiton. Any debate here should be civil and directed towards learning from others or expanding understanding, not winning or proving a point.

The community of Forum regulars comprises many wise and kind people who will use their life experiences as a basis for offering replies. I check in here often myself, and will reply personally whenever necessary. Any thread to which I contribute a reply may be published on my website, or elsewhere at my sole discretion.

Regarding comments directed to "Dr. Robert" or about "Dr. Robert," you are free to disagree with anything I say here, but there will be no negative comments about my personality, or my motivations. I have explained the necessity for this rule at length elsewhere. If you cannot abide by this, I do not want you here.

Points of Information:

1. Posts will NOT be deleted for any reason, unless a moderator finds them to be abusive or inappropriate—not because you have changed your mind about what you said. Once you post something on the internet, it is probably available forever anyway, even if deleted from the server for this site.

2. Before posting any questions which you hope I will address personally, please use the "Ask Archive" search box at the top of the page to see if your issue already has been addressed. Then, if you still require a personal reply, at least your question will begin where the previous reply left off instead of my having to reinvent the wheel.

3. If you send a private message, please only do so to report spam or other website problems. I do not respond to private messages asking for advice or guidance. Thank you.

Be well,
Dr. Robert Saltzman

(Edited 1.9 year later.)


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