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Topic: ********************THE BOARD IS LOCKED*********************

dr-robert started this discussion 6.1 years ago #2,789

I have come to the end of this project.

I have tried to deal with the rudeness, the lack of respect for the intentions here, and with the trolls (assholes) who, having no real work of their own, find amusement (one wonders how) in pissing on the actual work of others. You actually imagine yourselves to be clever, or even intelligent. You are not either. You are a bunch of sad, sad people who imagine that nihilism is clever or intelligent. It isn't.

I have put my time and energy into this project with the best intentions. Some have understood that, cooperated with it, and benefitted from it. Others actually reached out and used their experience and intelligence to help others who asked for help. I thank all of you, and I am sorry that this cannot continue.

As for the rest of you, find another playground, idiot children.


(Edited 1 hour later.)


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