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Topic: Are those sounds real?

WeirdKid started this discussion 6.1 years ago #2,777

When I was younger and I was awake for a long time when trying to sleep, I remember hearing familiar voices. I knew it was in my mind, but it was like they were actually there talking. Only happened at night.

And also, sometimes heard some familiar tune I liked (In the day). I mean, I could swear I was hearing it, but then when I tried to search where is it coming from I realized it was just in my mind.

Has anyone experienced something like this?

Sifter joined in and replied with this 6.1 years ago, 4 hours later[^] [v] #0

Yup. I used to as a kid - and I'd hear my name when no one was calling it. Apparently it's pretty normal for kids - e.g. Wikipedia says about non-psychotic auditory hallucinations:

Non-psychotic symptomology
There is on-going research that supports the prevalence of auditory hallucinations, with a lack of other conventional psychotic symptoms (such as delusions, or paranoia), particularly in pre-pubertal children.[25] These studies indicate a remarkably high percentage of children (up to 14% of the population sampled[26]) experienced sounds or voices without any external cause, though it should also be noted that "sounds" are not considered by psychiatrists to be examples of auditory hallucinations. Differentating actual auditory hallucinations from "sounds" or a normal internal dialogue is important since the latter phenomena are not indicative of mental illness.

The causes of auditory hallucinations are unclear.
Dr. Charles Fernyhough, of the University of Durham poses one theory among many but stands as a reasonable example of the literature. Given standing evidence towards involvement of the inner voice in auditory hallucinations,[27] he proposes two alternative hypotheses on the origins of auditory hallucinations in the non-psychotic. Both of which rely on understanding of the internalization process of the inner voice.[17][26][28]

Internalization of the inner voice
The internalization process of the inner voice is the process of creating an inner voice during early childhood, and can be separated into four distinct levels.[17][26][28]
Level one (external dialogue) involves the capacity to maintain an external dialogue with another person, i.e. a toddler talking with their parent(s).
Level two (private speech) involves the capacity to maintain a private external dialogue, as seen in children voicing the actions of play using dolls or other toys.
Level three (expanded inner speech) is the first internal level in speech. This involves the capacity to carry out internal monologues, as seen in reading to oneself, or going over a list silently.
Level four (condensed inner speech) is the final level in the internalization process. It involves the capacity to think in terms of pure meaning without the need to put thoughts into words in order to grasp the meaning of the thought.
[edit]Disruption to internalization
A disruption could occur during the normal process of internalizing ones’ inner voice, where the individual would not interpret their own voice as belonging to them; a problem that would be interpreted as level one to level four error.[17][26][28]
Alternatively, the disruption could occur during the process of re-externalizing ones inner voice, resulting in an apparent second voice that seems alien to the individual; a problem that would be interpreted as a level four to level one error.[17][26][28]

WeirdKid (OP) replied with this 6.1 years ago, 9 hours later, 14 hours after the original post[^] [v] #0

Cool, :p

WeirdKid (OP) double-posted this 6.1 years ago, 5 hours later, 20 hours after the original post[^] [v] #0

Also, to not make a new thread...

Another question.

I have sometimes an urge to Bite or tighten stuff, like, I'm with my brother teasing him or having fun with a talk and then, it's like an impulse, I move lot and press a part of his neck or elbow. Is this anxiety, or what is it? Is it even something?

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