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Topic: Being in love with images/Awakened Love

Logan M started this discussion 6.2 years ago #2,751

Hello, Dr. Robert (and other forum goers.)

I must express some brief but great appreciation for your site and insights into the true nature of the self.

I searched the archives first but saw nothing that seemed to answer my questions. Just Do It! is somewhat appropriate, but to a small degree.

It's becoming clear in my ordinary perception that images and ideas of people are illusory. I know that truly, what we are is 'only' what we are in the present moment.

This became troublesome as soon as my one great loved-one was seen in this light. I seem to love the image which I have of her, but I know it is dead and never capable of matching what she truly is.
Though I know that, I'm having trouble. 'My' experience of her present suchness, and of present suchness in general, is not very strong.

The image is dropped and the true her hasn't taken its place, so it is as if in some sense 'she' simply died to me, and is gone. Yet I understand conceptually she, in her real, living, spontaneous nature is there.
It's bizarre and of course pretty painful. Even though I don't cling or dwell on it, every time she appears it hits me.

1. What might help me connect with what she really is? Or come to love that instead? Difficulty is added in that she and I communicate online; I can't simply exist in her living, direct presence.
2. What is love to the 'awakened' perspective anyway? How does it work or occur when would-be recipients are so indefinable?

I hope at least one of these questions is found worthwhile by someone.

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