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Topic: what ifs?

meh started this discussion 6.2 years ago #2,730

hello everyone

I guess this came from reading all the religion posts and this guy i've been following

I'm not sure it belongs here but i'll give it a go(let me know if not or delete).

I'm really curious about what could come next for us (as a human race). What are we striving to create for tomorrow?

So what if you could design the world you will live in starting tomorrow?

1.What would it look like to you? Try to describe/imagine as much as possible from whatever point of view attracts you the most (spiritual,political,social,cultural etc).

2.If everyone were to listen to your command what would be the first thing to do in order to create that world?

Let's try to imagine our world :)) yey

Shh joined in and replied with this 6.2 years ago, 21 minutes later[^] [v] #0

For me, I would strip everything back to a more natural, less commercialised, less materialistic existence.

Molly joined in and replied with this 6.2 years ago, 1 hour later, 1 hour after the original post[^] [v] #0

Hey Meh, I just watched this video today. It flipped my lid,because this is how I feel,and to see someone else put it in words was cool! I cant wait to show hubby when he gets home. I was trying to explain this once,and he thought I was nuts.

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