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Topic: Fear Of Questioning God and My Beliefs

Molly started this discussion 6.2 years ago #2,631

When I first started asking questions about God,and all my doubts of the Christian religion,I was 32 years old. I grew up religious,and as an adult, stuck my beliefs on 'the top shelf'. Fear of NOT believing kept them on the shelf,and not throw them out all together. In other words,I was afraid to be a free thinker,so decided to not delve too deeply.

Then,after putting my 4 year old son in a Christian pre-school,he started asking me questions about God. I did not feel comfortable.My gut was screaming,"this isn't right!" But the fear kept me from listening. I had to investigate,because it's not about me anymore. I first went to all the religious people in my life. I thought I was missing something.Maybe I over looked a crucial piece of the Jesus puzzle. made me feel even more lost. I researched the net,not really knowing where to look.Nothing felt quite right. Everyone on the internet came up with their own theories.Everyone had the answers and it didn't 'free' me from the confusion. I really was clueless as to know where to look.

I lucked out,and had the biggest step in the right direction due to my brother. He educated me on how a higher power God came to be,by looking at historical facts and other similar religions,with the same bible stories in their religion. Then I was about to fall asleep and thought," Wait! What about heaven? So what you are saying is I'll never see my kids again. " Brother said, " Why isn't life just good enough? " I cried myself to sleep. I went in and out of the mind set of," He is right. Why isn't life good enough? " To," I can't believe how heartless he is! Does he not WANT or CARE to be with his kids for eternity?! " Now looking back,I can see that my fear was thrown onto him with anger for suggesting the 'perceived' cruel notion.

So a year goes by.I can't figure out the meaning of life. Why then,must we be here? I am ALWAYS looking at what people write on the subject,and it's always accompanied with a thought of,"not that." I turned to science(and still am a science junky)...but science didn't relieve the NEEDING to know why then are we here,if not for a purpose? There HAS to be a reason.

One lucky day,I scrolled my FB page and saw a letter Dr Robert wrote to someone else. I often post it here,because it changed my entire life.

So...getting to the point where I was tired of peoples beliefs/opinions,PLUS learning about the mind..I realized something very important...Does there need to be a purpose to life? No.

This Post is really intended for any passer by's on the internet. I am sure I am/was not the only one,lost looking for a way out of religion.

Also.There is an amazing Face Book page called 'Serious Doubt'. It is a great page for pointing out the obvious with religion that is missed when you are stuck IN religion.

Here is one thing off the Face book page

"I do not want to believe. I want to know." Carl Sagan

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Molly joined in and replied with this 6.2 years ago, 5 days later[^] [v] #0

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Right on.;)

meh joined in and replied with this 6.2 years ago, 1 hour later, 5 days after the original post[^] [v] #0


there's been a lot of discussion about this. I'm really somewhere in between about all this. I agree that there should be no fear and this was for a time a great way of manipulating people into submission and so many crimes have gone by in the name of religion but we should get passed that. I think we shouldn't dismiss religion entirely but just need an open-minded perspective. Firstly..some of the most interesting ideas(knowledge) about spirituality has arisen from religion. and religious people. Gautama buddha describes something very similar to the atomic structure from his spiritual explorations and sure in its context it was religion and the writings are scripture but if you see it as a metaphore you can see a lot of connections to things we know today as part of science but under different names. Simmilarly..If you look at the genesis myths from various cultures and religions you will find certain similarities. I think if we just look with the right glasses at religion we can still learn from it. It's a matter of interpretation and being able to develop connections between our vocabulary and mentalities of now and then. I just don't think rendering religion as completely useless (utterly fictitious) is right in the way of building our future. We are building tomorrow but must also fully understand our past in order to move in a better direction.

I found the Sagan quote quite interesting.The way i see in God (blind faith) actually had the role of providing this "know" factor. I'm not saying we should go back to that but that we should recognise the mechanism of it as a primal expression of our need for belief and evolve from that.

dr-robert joined in and replied with this 6.2 years ago, 36 minutes later, 5 days after the original post[^] [v] #0

Hi, meh. The Buddha, you know, REJECTED the religion of his milieu. That is the central theme of the story. He wasn't, obviously, a Buddhist. All of that mess got organized long after he died.

Perhaps you have heard the story about God and the Devil sitting on a cloud having a beer. They look down, just as one of God's children is having a trancendental experience in the desert. "You see," says God. "That's another one of my children you won't be able to mess with. He has found Truth."
"Not at all," replies the Devil. "I will help him organize it."

meh replied with this 6.2 years ago, 18 minutes later, 5 days after the original post[^] [v] #0

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:)) yeah true...I still think there is a distinction to be made between organised religion (religion as institution) and religion as personal faith or exploration (religion as knowledge). Just thought that previous posts dealt more with the institution rather than the exploration part and i felt it was important to at least acknowledge that some of the exploration part got tangled with the institution. If it really is a matter of organising it can be means at least some of the pieces are still there.

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