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Topic: I want to

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I have so much to be thank ful for but I am never happy..its like I will never be matter what.. the only thing that brings me happiness is having sexual control over men- or women but mostly men cause they are easier..anyways...when that fades i am sad again..and I keep fantasizing about suicide but feel like im so clumsy I will even mess that up and end up in a worse situation without all the blessings I have now.. I jst wish I wasnt like this... God blessed me with so much.. I feel like I am a disgrace in his eyes since I am so ungrateful

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(Citing a deleted or non-existent reply.)
T, please find another therapist to at least have a consultation with. You are going through something very confusing and painful and it's not your fault. Everyone has defenses (like seduction), it's the therapist's job to help you through it.

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