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Topic: Lost love

neel1201 started this discussion 6.2 years ago #2,521

Hey, I have been in love with my ex for the past 5 years. We were in a relationship 4yrs ago after which we broke up and then got back together an year later. We broke up again soon after as it turned into a one sided relationship in the end. We have been good friends ever since. Now we have graduated and soon wont be seeing each other every day (we studied together in the same college). The very thought breaks me. We have talked about staying in touch but I fear that he will grow distant from me. I dont want to lose him as a friend but I dont know how to avoid it without clinging as I still am in love with him. I have been pretending to be really strong and confident infront of him but on my own I am a mess. How do I move on? How do I retain the friendship and heal myself so that I am ready to fall in love again? I try meditation and I am normal most of the time but I begin to hyperventilate whenever I cant reach him, or his cell is busy or he doesnt call back. The irony is he doesnt have any clue that this is what I go through every time cos if he did he would probably stop talking to me. Am I fixated? Please help me.

Sherry joined in and replied with this 6.2 years ago, 1 hour later[^] [v] #0

Yes you are fixated, all you can do it talk to him and tell him how you really feel since he has no idea what you are thinking or feeling. You have to start somewhere and clearly you will not know where until you know what he thinks and how he feels about you.

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